San Diego Office Campus
is a Model for the Post-COVID World

Stockdale Capital Partners’ Campus at Horton will feature
technologies that promote health and wellness.

The Campus at Horton will be the model of office in a post-COVID
world. Stockdale Capital Partners is developing the 700,000-square-foot
office building, and will include state-of-the-art technology to promote health and wellness. This includes contactless spaces for all access control systems, Ultra Violet enhancements within the air handling system and operable windows.

Overall, Stockdale Capital hasn’t altered its vision for the product due to the
coronavirus pandemic. “The vision for Campus at Horton is the creation of a
highly amenitized and sustainable adaptive mixed-use project in the heart of
Downtown San Diego,” Yari says. “The project features 700,000 square feet
of office and 300,000 square feet of curated lifestyle retail, F&B and entertainment connected to over an acre of programmed open space.”

While the vision hasn’t changed, Stockdale has addressed key users needs brought up by the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to leveraging technology to address these new needs, Stockdale is
also updating building features. “We believe tenants will be more focused on
larger floor plates, which can accommodate proper social-distancing, wellness
focused amenities, along with a variety of dining options with substantial
amounts of outdoor seating,” says Yari. “We’re proud to say that Campus at
Horton checks all of those boxes.”

Despite the pandemic, the firm has been able to move forward with
construction with few obstacles. “We received our construction loan in early
March and commenced exterior demo shortly thereafter,” says Yari. “Unlike many projects that have to incur substantial retrofit costs to adapt to the post-
COVID world, our project was able to be modified quickly in the design stage, so development cost impacts were substantially minimized.”

However, the pandemic will have long-term effects, and landlords will need to
address those changes. “The profound changes our industry has experienced in recent months will have long-term effects on the desirability and success of
future work environments,” says Yari. “Employers are emphasizing the well-being of their workforce more than ever, so projects such as Campus at Horton with its array of post-COVID features is well-positioned to meet and
exceed those anticipated tenant needs.”