Bold Moves

A Truly Beautiful World.

Over the next 20 years, scientists warn of the imminent dangers of increasing temperatures due to man-made greenhouse gases. In an environment where temperature, water and air are at top concern, Horton is the exemplary case for taking action now in the fight to cut emissions.

Unprecedented for a campus of this kind and size Horton is

NET ZERO CARBON through 2040*

*currently implementing all measures necessary to achieve absolute or near net zero upon project completion

Climate change is now, Southern California water scarcity is now, health challenges with Covid-19 are now. Horton is addressing all of these problems NOW.

How Does Horton Achieve
A Net Zero Carbon Footprint?

By maximizing the size of the campus and taking advantage of the very things that are wasted the most within projects of this size.

Adaptive Reuse

With a previous life as an iconic mall, we are reusing as much of the existing structure and materials as possible. We have created a perfect remix of the property, revising what was vs entirely rebuilding. This effort of reused materials led to a 60% reduction in embodied carbon footprint. Yes, we even ground up existing walkways and then poured new ones using the same aggregate.

Being at the heart of one of America’s sunniest cities, we couldn’t help but take full advantage. Solar panels cover most of the sprawling roof surfaces across the 10 acre campus. This very large scale array of solar energy not only helps the environment through plentiful generation of renewable energy, but drastically reduces energy costs for the tenants of Horton.

Taking advantage of San Diego’s ideal climate, Horton’s indoor/outdoor environment lends itself to a continuous replenishment of fresh air throughout the campus. We use 100% outside air for cooling when outside temperatures permit. The air also stays clear of any natural gas thanks to an all electric system for heating, hot water, ventilation, and air conditioning.* *f&b exception

Horton will save 7.5 million gallons of water annually by reusing it. We’ve taken full advantage of our large water load and have developed the largest known blackwater system of this scale. The system will filter all campus waste water and recirculate it to provide water to the central plant and flush fixtures. To help put the savings into perspective, imagine the entire ball field at PETCO park under 12’ of water.

Massive Office Space With No Energy Footprint

Thanks to a sprawling array of solar panels covering much of the roof space across the 10 acres, paired with high performance facades and mechanical systems, every office building and space at Horton has a zero energy footprint.

Targeting. Project 100% tracking to achieve.

The Future

We can not deny that COVID-19 has changed the way we feel about and navigate public spaces. As we shift from the present pandemic to clearer skies of the future, we’ve put health at the center of Horton’s design experience, fully driven by occupant comfort and wellbeing.

Going non-touch in a high-touch world

Touchless is possible
  • Touchless doors
  • Touchless bathrooms
  • Touchless elevators
  • App controlled navigation & amenities
  • 100% circulating outside air
  • Open air work/play environments

Resilient & Self-Sufficient

Prepared & protected against unforeseen events
Onsite energy
Battery storage