San Diego, Where Talent
Lives, Innovates & Creates

Cost of Living Differentials - Relative to Bay Area

San Diego’s cost of living is 23% lower than the Bay Area.

More affordable housing and services, combined with great weather, recreation and entertainment is driving high concentrations of Millennials and young professionals.

17% labor cost savings on
500 technology jobs equates to $8 million annually.

San Diego has the highest concentration of people between the ages of 21-34. This is a highly sought after age group - particularly by tech companies - due to their strong technical skills

Source: CBRE

The re-imagined Horton will become an economic engine: 3000–4000 new jobs in downtown

$2B in annual
economic impact

San Diego Is The City Where Qualified Talent Is Easier To Find & Retain

35% less labor demand than Silicon Valley for tech jobs

76% fewer Software Developer job postings than Silicon Valley

23,223 people with tech skills live within 30 mins of Horton

Source: CBRE

Home to eighteen colleges & universities including: